IITian Actors in Bollywood Redefining Cinematic Stardom

    IIT is considered the nursery of the best engineering graduates in India. It has tailored world-class engineers. Audiences have also witnessed some talented IITian actors in Bollywood. Such actors are making a name through their exceptional acting skills in the film and entertainment industry. The article sheds light on the brief stories of some of the famous IITians who have made a superb career in the film and entertainment industry.

    List of IITian Actors in Bollywood

    1. Amol Parashar 

    Amol Parashar: One of IITian actors in Bollywood

    Amol Parashar has been a successful IITian. He also has carved his name in Indian cinema through his comedic roles in various movies. Amol has done different movies throughout his 14 years in the film industry. He has also acted in several hit web series. Thus, he is considered a versatile IITian actor in Bollywood. After earning a degree in Mechanical engineering from IIT, Amol switched to acting. He started expressing his artistic emotions to the audience. Later on, he was successful in winning the hearts of his fans and several awards in his entire acting career.

    2. Vipul Goyal 

    Vipul Goyal

    Vipul Goyal’s name also appears in the list of successful IITian actors in Bollywood. He faced disappointment while pursuing his career in the technical field. After he graduated from IIT Bombay, he was laid off. He used to work as a retail Analyst at Adventity Inc. However; the film and entertainment industry did not want the charm of the actor to be missed by the audience. The audience loves his on-stage performance as a standup comedian. He has a leading role in Humorously Yours, which is a newly launched web series. He has been a significant figure across the web show made by The Viral Fever (TVF) production.

    3. Jitendra Kumar 

    Jitendra Kumar

    Jitendra Kumar is also known among the famous IITian actors in Bollywood. He pursued a career in the film industry after completing his graduation as a civil engineering student at IIT Kharagpur. Jitendra got his first role in the 2013 TVF production Munna Jazbaati: The Q-tiya Intern. After the success of his debut film, Jitendra has starred in several web series and movies. Some of his most popular works are Kota Factory, Panchayat, and Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, among others.

    4. Varun Grover 

    Varun Grover

    Varun Grover is an IIT Varanasi pass-out. He also made reputable fame for himself among the other successful IITians in Bollywood. Varun has earned the title of a young and exceptional writer and lyricist in Bollywood. He honed these required skills throughout his four years of engineering academic in IIT. Varun’s directional debut movie, All India Rank, was screened at the Mumbai Film Festival. It will be released in 2024.

    5. Biswa Kalyan Rath 

    Bishwa Kalyan Rath

    Biswa Kalyan Rath left his lucrative technical career as an engineer at IIT Kharagpur. It is because he wanted to seek opportunities in stand-up comedy. Biswa is among the famous IITians. He became popular after pursuing a career in YouTube content creation. Audiences know Biswa from his comic punch lines and jokes. One of his famous YouTube series is Pretentious Movie Reviews. Some of the other renowned works of Biswa are the shows titled Lakhon Mein Ek, Comedy Hunt, Hum Do Teen Chaar, and so on.

    6. Mansoor Khan 

    Mansoor Khan

    Mansoor Khan is one of the successful IITians who made a mark in Indian cinema. Before his foray into the film industry, he completed his education at IIT Bombay, Cornell University, and MIT. He made his directorial debut with the super-hit movie, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988. The movie earned him the National Film Award. Some of Mansoor’s other successful films include Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Josh, and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

    7. Arunabh Kumar 

    Arunabh Kumar

    Arunabh Kumar is also one of the prominent IITian actors in Bollywood. He began his career as an assistant producer at Red Chilis Entertainment Production. It is owned by Shahrukh Khan. Arunabh worked under the guidance of the famous choreographer and director, Farah Khan. Arunabh’s first project as an assistant producer was in the movie “Om Shanti Om.” Currently, he is the main icon behind the famous TVF. TVF has made him gain immense popularity among both young and adult audiences.

    8. Biswapati Sarkar 

    Biswapati Sarkar

    Biswapati Sarkar is among the modern stars in Bollywood. He too started his career just like other IITian actors as mentioned above. However, his impact on the audience is considered significant compared to them. Sarkar completed his MSc. in Statistics from IIT Kharagpur and later started freelancing under his senior Arunabh Kumar. He then became a valuable member of Arunabh’s TVF. Biswa showcased his talents as an actor, screenwriter, and producer there. Biswapati Sarkar was an inspiration to Jitendra Kumar, whom he invited to join him in exploring his acting career back in 2012.


    As we come towards the end of exploring the exceptionally talented IITian actors in Bollywood, it is certainly a privilege to conclude that these famous personalities have not only proved their competence around engineering but have also witnessed tough competition to generic actors and actresses in Indian cinema. The article reflects how the skills such as problem-solving and creative thinking that they developed in engineering had allowed some of these famous IITians to make significant marks in the hearts of the audience through their acting on the big screen.

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