Indian Oscar Award Winners Who Made It Big on the Global Stage

    The Academy Awards, popularly known as Oscars is the highest award for any achievement in the world of cinema. For Indian Oscar Award Winners, winning the Academy Award is not just a personal achievement, but a moment of pride for the entire nation. 

    Over the years, several exceptional Indian talents have made their mark on the global stage by bagging this prestigious award. In this article,  let us take a closer look at some of the remarkable Indians who have won Oscars.

    Indian RecipientsCategoryOscar Year
    Bhanu AthaiyaBest Costume Design1983
    Satyajit RayHonorary Award1992
    Resul PookuttyBest Sound Mixing2009
    GulzarBest Original Song2009
    A R RahmanBest Original Score and Best Original Song2009
    Kartiki GonsalvesBest Documentary Short2023
    MM KeeravaniBest Original Song2023
    ChandraboseBest Original Song2023


    List of Indian Oscar Award Winners 

    1. Bhanu Athaiya

    Bhanu Athaiya

    Bhanu Athiya was the first Indian to win an Oscar. She won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design for her work in the film Gandhi in 1983. With her work in the movie, she brought every character to life. 


    2. Satyajit Ray

    Satyajit Ray

    Satyajit Ray is a father figure in the Indian cinema. He was awarded the Honorary Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1992 for his immeasurable contribution to filmmaking. 


    3. Resul Pookutty

    Resul Pookutty

    Resul Pookutty brought the art of sound engineering into the limelight with brilliant work in Slumdog Millionnaire. For his work, he bagged an Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing in 2009 along with Ian Tapp, and Richard Pryke. 


    4. Gulzar


    Veteran Lyricist Gulzar won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionnaire. The Award was shared with A R Rahman in 2009. 


    5. A R Rahman

    A R Rahman

    AR Rahman became the first Indian to win two Oscar Awards in 2009. He won the Academy Award for Best Original Song along with the veteran lyricist Gulzar and another Academy Award for Best Original Score for the song Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionnaire. 


    6. Kartiki Gonsalves

    Kartiki Gonsalves

    The young documentary filmmaker from India won the Academy Award for Best Short Film (Documentary) in 2023. She won the Oscar Award for her short film The Elephant Whisperers starring Bomman and Belli.


    7. MM Keeravani  

    MM Keeravani  

    MM Keeravani is a recent addition to the list of Indians who have won Oscar Awards. He won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for the Naatu Naatu Song from the movie RRR along with Chndrabose in 2023.


    8. Chandrabose


    The Indian lyricist and playback singer Chandrabose won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2023. He won the award along with MM Keeravni for the Naatu Naatu song from RRR.



    The Indians who have won Oscar awards are not just exceptional artists but also the country’s cultural ambassadors. Every award won by Indians is a testament to the diverse cinematic landscape in India. It also puts the focus on the ever-growing prowess of Indians in cinema and storytelling. Though there are very few Indian Oscar Award Winners, every individual who has worked tirelessly to create a cinematic masterpiece should be acknowledged. 

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